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Developing Youth through Music

Mbale Schools Band is the leading youth brass band in Uganda and East Africa. Through the band we support youth development. As in many other countries, we use music as a way to encourage children to learn life skills such as responsibility, teamwork, confidence, discipline, respect and determination.

With support from the UK charity ugive2uganda, we try and find sponsors for the children in the band to help them with their education. Among the many things that make us different from other brass bands in Africa is that we are one of the very few that teach the players music theory and how to read music

We urgently need compassionate people to become child sponsors and help us provide some of our players with a decent education. Please download a sponsorship leaflet to obtain more details. If you decide to become a child sponsor, trust us when we tell you that it makes a huge difference to the life of a child who has the same needs and dreams of any child in the UK.

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Martin is taking a degree in statistics at IUIU
through Mbale Schools Band