The best way of supporting young people in need in a developing country is not through gifts but through investment in the children themselves. This means helping them with their education and skills so that they can obtain useful and decent jobs. Nothing can be achieved if the youth of the country are not equipped with the skills and training that they need for useful employment. This is why we work so hard to try and find sponsors for children in our project.


We channel the efforts to find sponsors for our children through our youth music program. When we see young people come to our music rehearsals as a team of musicians we get to know their abilities, characters and circumstances very well indeed. We quickly weed out those individuals who don not want to make an effort themselves and just want handouts. For those who only want money, or who have no respect for authority, or are not willing to work as part of a team, we wish them well in their future and send them on their way. There are so many deserving children, and we have such limited resources, that we try and help those young people who will work hard themselves and make a real contribution to the future of Uganda.


Through our child sponsorship scheme we try our best to help children either complete their schooling or, increasingly, try and support them through further education. However, the challenge is that college or vocational courses are usually more expensive than normal school fees.


But we need more sponsors!


We have made a huge difference to so many children though this policy of youth development. Many children are doing really well in their education while others are learning new and sustainable skills for the future.


Here are some of our successes




Hassad is studying for his diploma in nursing at Islamic University in Mbale



Rogers is in the first year of his certificate in building and construction at Mbale Technical Institute.




Innocent is studying for his diploma in catering at CCP vocational school in Mbale



Hussein is studying for his certificate in electrical installation at CCP vocational school here in Mbale



Zeu is studying for her degree in communications at Islamic University in Mbale



Benjamin is studying for his certificate in electrical installation at CCP vocational school here in Mbale



Martin is studying for his degree in statistics at Islamic University in Mbale.

All these children are making great progress through their membership of Mbale Schools Band and the benefits that have resulted from their determination, hard work and dedication. Half a dozen children have enjoyed making music so much that they have chosen to create their own music projects and have created bands in Iganga, Luwero, Busia, Kapchorwa, and Kampala. Others want to start their own bands but have no sponsors - and therefore no funding - and so they can't begin yet.

So we are still appealing for compassionate people to come forward and help with support for school children or students who want to go on to college or vocational training, or who want to become musicians. We also have a number of children who just need help for one or two years. It makes such a difference to so many children in Uganda. Almost half our sponsored children have lost at least one parent. Many of them are despairingly trying to complete their education without money for school fees or books.

Please let me know if you are interested in sponsoring a needy child in the scheme at £15 a month for a child at school or £20 a month for a child in further education. You can download a leaflet from the website at